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Happy Thanksgiving from Ladyhattan

| Celebrations, Manhattan Treats, Special Occasions, Travel Far, Travel Near, US Cities

Twas’ the night before the big annual

eating tons of Turkey day…


ladyhattan travel blog thanksiving happy holidays

You lady dieters silently thinking,

“I’m going to finally stuff my face – HooRAY!”

ladyhattan travel blog thanksgiving safe travels

The streets are filled with madness as people

race to catch a plane or hop on the next train.

ladyhattan travel blog carrie sex and the city

But hectic travel is the price to pay

for special stuffings that come only on this day.

ladyhattan travel blog perfect thanksgiving turkey

Savory casserole plates displayed for all,

it is truly the most wonderful part of Fall.

ladyhattan travel blog thanksgiving turkey day

Ladies, it’s finally time to kick back and eat,

ladyhattan travel blog thanksgiving

but doing so with the ones you love…

there is no better Thanksgiving treat!

Wishing you all a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday. No matter where you travel in this world, no matter what continent you celebrate from, there is no place like home! Pack your bags and head to your home wherever that may be. Ladyhattan travel advice for the Thanksgiving holiday:

Give thanks, be grateful and cherish the ones you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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In Need of Warm Weather…Pura Vida!

| Beach, Central America, Costa Rica, Couples Getaway, Girls Getaway, Spring, Surfing, Travel Far, Travel Style, Travel Tips, Waterfall, Weekend Getaway, Wildlife, Winter

costa rica luxury travel blog ladyhattan monkey wildlife monkey balls

Well ladies, there is no denying the fact that the cold weather is here to stay for the foreseeable future. That crisp, fall-into-winter smell conjures up a mixed bag of emotions, doesn’t it?! On one hand, there is excitement and anticipation for the most festive and exciting season to spend in NYC (THE HOLIDAYS!); on the other, is that feeling of dreary anxiety about the long winter ahead.

My advice: jump right into the holiday spirit (more on this to come soon), but be proactive and start planning a warm-weather getaway so you have something to look forward to during those mid-winter blues!

If you have the luxury of more than just a weekend away, why not consider the sunny and friendly nation of Costa Rica? Whether you’re seeking a tree top adventure, intimacy with nature, or luxury relaxation — Costa Rica has it all!  Pura Vida!


 Ladyhattan’s top reasons to consider Costa Rica as your warm weather destination this winter or spring:
  1. Proximity. From just about anywhere on the east coast, Costa Rica is a 4.5 hour direct flight! Check out flights on American and JetBlue, which both fly direct to San Jose and Liberia. San Jose is the country’s bustling central Capitol, while Liberia is a smaller city in the northern section of the Nicoya Peninsula that has become an increasingly popular flight destination due to its location as an easy access point to beach-front towns and mountaintops alike. The easy access to both cities makes Costa a very viable long weekend or week long trip option!

    Costa Trees

  2. Tourist friendly, family friendly, couples friendly. The tourism industry in Costa Rica is one of the country’s main sources of income, and the local population certainly know how to make travelers feel at home! “Pura Vida” is the country’s slogan and encapsulates the attitudes and values of the nation. Literally translated as “Pure Life”, it symbolizes the ideal of finding happiness in the simple things in life. What an incredible mindset for a nation to embrace and bestow upon visitors – one that we should aim to live every day! With both warm people and warm weather, Costa Rica is great for any lady traveling with friends, family, or that special someone
  3. Wallet Friendly. This is an important one, ladies! Last trip, I found round-trip, direct flights for under $500 bucks! And the dollar goes a long way while you’re in country. More money leftover to spend on spa treatments or ziplining…yes please!
  4. Beauty & Nature.  One thing is for sure…Costa Ricans know how to take care of their turf! Over 25% of Costa Rica is conserved/protected territory, and they are committed to taking care of their natural beauty. How great is that? From deserted white and brown sand beaches to volcanoes, you can view nature as it was meant to be viewed.  

    costa brown beach

    And if you love wildlife…where else can you get this up close and personal!?




    And those sunsets!

    costa sunset


  5. Activities & Adventure, or not! Whether you’re looking for utter relaxation and indulgence, a juice cleanse-yoga retreat, or adventure sports — this place has it all. Feel like a day snoozing by the pool with mango margaritas and spa treatments while your beau wants to take surf lessons and go zip lining or go hiking and swimming? No problem – everyone is happy.

    jess surf

    This lady prefers a more adventurous twist on even the most luxurious vacation — to see the most and to have control of your comings and goings, rent a car! Just make sure it has 4 wheel drive, so you’re able to tackle the terrain…

    beach drive 2

    terrain costa

    I hope this has convinced you to pull the trigger and book a Costa Rican getaway today! More to come on our favorites people and places in the land where Pura Vida is the way of life!

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Wedding Bells under the Miami Sky

| Celebrations, Miami, Personal Events Shared, Special Occasions, Travel Far, Travel Near, Travel Tips, US Cities, Weekend Getaway

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

It’s hard to say NO to a wedding in Miami, Florida. But when you get invited to your best friend’s wedding… well, you’ll be there no matter where it is, right?

Good thing she picked Miami…

Meet Caitlin and Lucas, two of my best friends! They are an eccentric and cool couple who treated their closest friends + family to one of the hippest weddings that I’ve ever been to. The weekend started with a warm welcome from the couple: personalized baskets full of fruit and goodies placed on our fluffy white beds at the Standard Hotel of South Beach Miami. Immediately upon arrival we were handed a white robe and encouraged to just go relax — “enjoy all that Miami has to offer”. Boy was that easy! From the sparkling swimming pool, champagne served in hammocks swinging from palm trees, a “robe friendly” dresscode, rooftop yoga sessions, and a co-ed spa offering customized mud mask treatments… YES, this hotel was the perfect Miami oasis to simply let go.

After some rest and relaxation, it was time for the main event. We all congregated in a small park to watch the couple say personalized vows sealed with a kiss. Short but sweet, we then walked over to the docks at the Standard Hotel where a spectacular reception awaited us. With the Miami sunset in the backdrop, the dinner party decor and details were magnificent. You would think that they hired Miami’s top designer to create the space, but no…Believe it or not, the bride herself hand-made every element and detail of the party! From the tye-dye linen napkins, the menus, to carefully crafted paper flowers scattered on each table — yes… the BRIDE herself really did it all!

Here are the Top 10 Ladyhattan Favorites:

1. A beautiful bride glowing in perfect Miami weather – 70s and sunny as the Polar Vortex took over the rest of the United States with freezing tempatures. 

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

2. Personalized vows sealed with a kiss.

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

3. A short but sweet ceremony followed by a long party until the break of dawn. They even organized private tables and bottle service at Miami’s Bardot Lounge – Check it out!  

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

4. DIY SUCCESS! From the napkins, to the menus, candles, jars, and paper flowers, the bride brought to life a beautiful dinner party with her crafty and creative personality. Everything you see was designed and created by Caitlin. Click here to find out how to make your own paper flowers! 

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

5. The groom, originally from Oregon, has traveled back home with the bride several times. They both love the delicious wines hailing from the vineyards of Oregon. The couple even has dreams of opening their own Oregon vineyard someday! To personalize the Miami affair, their favorite Oregon wines were passed out to guests. 

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

6. From cocktails to toasts and a seated three course dinner, guests experienced it all to the backdrop of the sun slowly setting. The sky evolved from hues of light blue, purple, to orange and red. 

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

7. Along with their favorite Oregon wines, the couple picked Miami inspired cocktails to share with guests. My personal favorite was the “Miami Mojito” – yummy!  

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

8. Paired with all these delicious beverages, servers passed numerous small-bites selected by Caitlin. Being both a total foodie and yogi, she loves sharing savory meals that are actually good for your health. Here is a perfect example — shots of gazpacho! 

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

9. At nightfall Lucas serenaded his new wife with a song that he wrote for her. Circled around the couple, we listened to his heartfelt beats and lyrics as Caitlin’s grin grew ear to ear. 

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

10. And the grand finale! Paper wish lanterns served with the wedding cake! Each guest was given a wish lantern — we lit the lanterns and watched them float away in the Miami night sky as we silently made our warmest wishes for the happy couple. Buy your own wish lanterns here!

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

miami south beach wedding ladyhattan by tara schoen moss luxury travel blogging

What a joy it was to be part of this celebration! Thank you to Caitlin & Lucas for welcoming us to your hometown of Miami! A big thank you to The Standard of Hotel for your hospitality, service and food (thanks, Oscar, you were fabulous)! We loved staying with you and look forward to returning for Miami fun as the winter season approaches here in Manhattan. Love,

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Honeymoon Essentials

| Bora Bora, Caribbean, Celebrations, Costa Rica, Europe, France, French Polynesia, Give Gifts, Italy, Mexico, Moorea, Packing Pro, South Pacific, Spain, Special Occasions, St.Martin - St.Barths, Style Tips, Switzerland, Taha'a, Tahiti, Travel Far

wine honeymoon bora bora ladyhattan tara moss erik moss travel

Packing for a honeymoon is one of the most exhilarating experiences. You have your mind so completely focused on the wedding itself that you can’t seem to think about much else.  But when you have just a moment to realize that you’re about to go on a trip of a lifetime — this probably causes the same shock of happiness that someone experiences when they are told their number just won the lottery!

Packing for a honeymoon is crucial… it’s the biggest trip of your life and your first time traveling as a new version of your lovely lady self – a wife! You probably look amazing at this point from all that “sweating for the wedding” and juicing to look glorious in that perfectly tailored dress, so the honeymoon is the ultimate opportunity to look and feel great. To do so, it’s important to put thought into preparing for your trip.

One suggestions I have shared with fellow brides is to treat yourself to some little “honeymoon gifts” to make the trip feel more special than any other! Pick a few items that simply make you happy and feel good — then wrap them up in something pretty and tuck the gifts away in your suitcase a week before the wedding day. By the time you land, check-in and unpack that suitcase, you’ll surprise yourself with those little treats you packed away for this special occasion! Some easy gifts to yourself to consider are the following: your favorite soaps, candles, shampoos, new pajamas or a brand new bikini.

I recently returned from my honeymoon and oh lady, was it amazing! We traveled to French Polynesia and saw the islands of Tahiti, Taha’a, Bora Bora and Moorea. Before the trip I followed my own advice: a week prior to the wedding I carefully packed some of my favorite goodies for the honeymoon. The entire week of the wedding I never had one minute to think about the honeymoon or the treats I had packed. When we arrived and I unloaded my luggage it felt like opening up mutiple Christmas gifts! My friends knew how important this trip was for my husband and I, so being the sweet ladies that they are, they decided to surprise me on the wedding day with a few special items for the vacation that I packed too! Of all the items that I packed for the honeymoon, here were my favorite treats to have on the trip. Take a look and consider packing these great items for your honeymoon travel!

1. A book and a bottle. Pack your favorite bottle of champagne or wine. Well of course the hotels anywhere in the world have wine and champagne! But let’s be real here, ladies… A bottle of wine at top hotels can be pretty expensive ($100 and up) and when you are relaxing in your hotel room as newlyweds you might not want to deal with the hassle of calling room-service to interrupt you. Plus some foreign hotels might not carry your favorite bottle of Italian Chianti or Cupcake wine. If you are checking a bag, take a towel or bubble wrap and carefully pack your favorite bottle. It’s nice to have and a great way to start the trip before picking up the phone for room service. I packed a yummy bottle of Sancerre. And there on my chair – my book – I chose to read a crazy tell-all about Hollywood, Coreyography. Pretty graphic novel but had some interesting stories about Michael Jackson and his love for Disneyland and Apple Juice.

wine honeymoon bora bora ladyhattan tara moss erik moss travel

2. A bag with your NEW name/ initials. Call me a diva but there is nothing wrong with getting the bag of your dreams – the Mon Monogram bag by LV has been one of the most popular totes for 2014. People are raving about this customized bag and I am too! Especially with my new name on it! Order a Mon Monogram Here!

LV mon monogram louis vuitton travel blog ladyhattan bora bora tahiti tara moss

3. Bridal Uggs. My Bridesmaids bought these for me as a surprise even though I told them not to… these ladies tend to be a little too generous so I asked them graciously to pipe down. These boots are perfect for the end of the wedding night (when your feet kill) and can be comfy on a long plane – a great gift idea for a friend getting married! I wore them while traveling for the day and felt like I was walking in slippers. I have also seen brides rock these under their wedding gowns for the colder months/ winter weddings — check them out! They come in various different bridal styles. Bridal Uggs Here!

bridal uggs ladyhattan travel blog nyc tara moss schoen

4. Honeymoon Games. These were another gift from my sister and we loved them! These “how well do you know your groom/bride” book games are hilarious and so much fun to play while laying on the beach. You can find them at most bookstores or on Amazon. I just bought a pack of these books for a friend getting married soon. There is nothing more hilarious than having a few drinks and playing this game together – the questions are pretty creative so expect a lot of laughs! Buy the Books Here!

honeymoon travel luxury travel weddings packing bridal bora bora island travel

5. Lingerie Bag. Another great gift received and packed as a honeymoon essential. A close friend of mine had this bag made for me and I loved using it to pack! You can use these little bag for lingerie, your undergarments, or bathing suits. It’s a great way to stay organized and have something personal for your trip. It’s available in several different designs and colors – this would be a great gift idea for the next bridal shower or bachelorette party!  Shop Custom Bags Here!

honeymoon travel luxury travel weddings packing bridal bora bora island travel

6. Floats. This was the by far the most crucial item that I packed for our trip. I heard through the grapevine that we should pack floats for the trip. So we went on Amazon and bought a pack of 2 — packed them away in a bag easily since they didn’t take up much space deflated. When we arrived in Bora Bora we inflated the floats and lounged on them all day long. The hotel did not provide floats so it was great to have them. They are not that expensive, easy to fold up and pack. Buy Your Float Here!



7. Mr. & Mrs. Pillow Cases. Another great way to personalize your trip and make it more special than all the others — indulge in some honeymooner pillow cases! This is also a great gift idea for a friend getting married – they are easy to pack and fun to have on the trip or even at home. Get Pillow Cases Here!

DSC03533honeymoon travel luxury travel weddings packing bridal bora bora island travel

Make your honeymoon extra special for yourself or for a friend… These are just a few honeymoon packing and gifting ideas, but the possibilities are endless! It always puts a smile on someone’s face to get something personalized to their experience or upcoming travel. And it will definitely put a smile on YOUR face if you pack these items for your honeymoon of a lifetime! Happy packing and honeymooning! Love,

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Washington, DC – Birthday Party to Boozy Brunch

| Travel Far, Travel Near, Travel Tips, US Cities, Washington, DC, Weekend Getaway

DC Tara Erik Moss Travel Blog Ladyhattan

I’ve never stopped loving the nation’s capital as a great American city to visit… exquisite architecture, an easy train ride out of New York’s Penn Station, and always tons to do or see… do you blame me? I probably can’t count the number of times I have visited the city of power and prestige. DC, unlike New York, is not about money or flashy things – but rather about culture, tradition, education and yes, power. DC is the kind of place where you are frequently asked: who do you know, where did you go to school, and what are your thoughts on Obamacare? Years ago I actually had the chance to live in DC for a few months while working in the Senate as a legal intern. My brother studied at Georgetown University so that was just another excuse to make the occasional weekend trip. With all my travels in and out of the “American Rome”, I have never lost the thrill of making a trip down on the Amtrak… DC is constantly evolving and growing into a cultural hub of the world – finding something new or exciting is typically an easy task.

After my most recent trip to DC, I can’t help but share some exciting news about a fantastic brunch spot for you to consider! We recently traveled down to DC for just a brief weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday — they rented out the entire top floor of Clyde’s Restaurant with a live band, raw bar, full dinner and loads of fun. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton (downtown DC) and had wonderful service with a prime location. The lobby bar was a bit entertaining with some crazy characters from near and far so there was never a dull moment. If there isn’t anything good on TV and you aren’t a college football fan, grabbing a 10 dollar beer at the Ritz Bar is like purchasing a front row ticket to live entertainment. Great people watching might be worth the cost of an overpriced drink. Here is us leaving the Ritz and a glimpse at the party inside Clyde’s…

DC Tara Erik Moss Travel Blog Ladyhattan

DC Brunch the Ritz Birthday Parties Clydes


Ahhhh the morning after a late night… What is the first word that comes to mind? Brunch. The hotel recommended we try - Central. Although I had already been to Central several times before, the hotel concierge urged me that they just launched a completely new special brunch menu with bottomless cocktails. Wait, did you say bottomless? Yes.

We arrived to Central on the very first day they actually tested out their new “brunch menu” and got the star treatment, as they were trying to gauge whether this new meal option could be a midday hit. I was shocked, especially coming from NYC, with the quality and prices of the restaurant’s new menu — $25 for a three course prix fixe! This includes a delicious and probably sweet starter, a hearty brunch entree and a light dessert. Add on 10 bucks and you can sit there for hours drinking bottomless Mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Mary’s… Sure, I’ll add on the 10 bucks, #YOLO.

Here are some glimpses of our favorite options on the menu with restaurant details below. Keep your eye out for: pancrepes, fried chicken and waffles, eggs benedict, chicken schnitzel, and coconut sorbet with macarons… Sorry if this post sabotages your paleo diet!

DC Brunch the Ritz Birthday Parties Clydes

Central is crafted with Chef Michel Richard’s lively, jovial style of delicious food.  After winning international acclaim for his flagship fine dining restaurant Citronelle in Washington, DC’s Georgetown neighborhood, Michel turned his creativity to the “democratization of gastronomy”, creating a restaurant that is welcoming and accessible, “at a price that makes you invite more friends”.

DC Brunch the Ritz Birthday Parties Clydes

This modern American bistro with a French twist is a recipient of the Nation’s highest culinary awards, including winner of the James Beard Foundation Award for Best New Restaurant in the US.

DC Brunch the Ritz Birthday Parties Clydes

DC Brunch the Ritz Birthday Parties Clydes

This is my American bistro, with a french accent….

DC Brunch the Ritz Birthday Parties Clydes

Central – Michel Richard

1001 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004

(202) 626-0015

Click here to make a reservation! 

Planning a trip to Washington, DC? Can’t go wrong with Central in the mix for your meal plans… Have a fabulous Friday and happy traveling! Love,

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